Customizable Javascript Animated Skeleton Loader


JS Skeleton loader is a simple but very powerful loader package built with full JavaScript that helps you create a responsive, dynamic, and customizable skeleton loader for any content you load. Keyword searches “skeleton loader javascript, skeleton screen loading effect, skeleton loading css, skeleton loading gif, skeleton css animation, skeleton loading examples” How to make … Read more

Context Loader Like Facebook with Pure JavaScript | contextLoader


Context_Loader is a JavaScript library that applies a Facebook-inspired animated context/placeholder loader to any container element you specify. ContextLoader.addLoader (‘# yourDiv’). ‘#yourDiv’ – div selector where the context loader will appear. How to make use of it: Import ContextLoader’s JavaScript and CSS files into the document. <link href=”css/contextLoader.min.css” rel=”stylesheet”> <script src=”js/contextLoader.min.js”></script> Apply the Facebook context … Read more

Angular Pretty Date for Facebook Like Time Stamps | ngx-prettydate


AngularJS Pretty Date is Facebook, Twitter-like date conversion in Angular using Angular Pipes. angular unix timestamp to date pipe, convert timestamp to date javascript, javascript timestamp format, angular time duration pipe, javascript convert timestamp to date timezone How to Visualize Time Series Data With ╬╝Plot Chart Library How to make use of it: Install & … Read more

Simple Facebook/Linkedin-like Chat Module For Angular


ng-chat is a simple chat module similar to Facebook/LinkedIn for Angular apps. angular material chat, one to one chat angular, angular firebase chat app github, live chat angular, angular material chat template, chat api for angular Advanced Vue Live Chatroom Plugin On Website With Vue, React & Angular How to make use of it: Installation: … Read more

JavaScript Library That Allows You To Add Multimedia Storytelling Stories Everywhere | zuck.js


zuck.js is a powerful JavaScript library that helps you share photos, videos, and texts with your friends in a modern way. Similar to Facebook stories, Facebook Messenger Day, WhatsApp status, Instagram stories, and Snapchat stories. Features: Vanilla JavaScript Desktop support (why not?) Custom CSS Themes: Snapgram, FaceSnap, Snapssenger, and VemDeZAP Personalized gestures and events, and … Read more