jQuery Plugin for Client-side List Filtering | filterThis


filterThis jQuery plugin for client-side list filtering is a simple JQUERY component that enables you to filter a dynamic HTML menu through an input field. jquery multiple filter plugin, jquery advanced search filter, jquery filter checkbox list, jquery category filter How to make use of it: 1. Download and include the additional component JQUERY Filterthis … Read more

Advanced HTML Dropdown Menu With Filter Arrangement, and Search Filters


Advanced HTML dropdown menu with filter arrangement, search filters, selected item counter, and accept or cancel buttons. Dropdown Menu With Folding/Unfolding Effects | Folding Paper Menu How to make use of it: 1. Create the HTML for the multi-select dropdown that features a search subject and a listing of predefined choices as follows: <div class=”dropdown-advanced”> … Read more

jQuery Filter Table Rows By Column Value Plugin


Table Filter jQuery – A simple but powerful jQuery table management extension provides an easy way to filter tabular data in an HTML table. jquery table filter and sort example, bootstrap table filter dropdown jquery filter table rows by column value, multiple filter html table using javascript Simple Modern JavaScript ES6 Library That Fetches JSON … Read more

High-Performance jQuery Table For Web Applications | dgtable


dgtable is a powerful, customizable, and dynamic jQuery spreadsheet extension for rendering a large data set in a sortable, filter, scroll, and drag table view. Features: Click the table headers to sort the columns. Drag the table headers to move and resize the columns. Supports default scrolling, which means only visible rows are displayed. It … Read more