[codepen] Gooey Text Background with SVG Filters


Gooey text backgrounds with SVG filters are smooth, sticky, and rounded corners of your text background with SVG filters. cool css heading styles, svg typing animation, svg text animation codepen, gooey effect, css text effects, text hover effects css How to make use of it: 1. Wrap the text in a DIV container. <div class=”goo”> … Read more

Generates the “Table of Contents” of an HTML Document | DocumentOutline


DocumentOutline is a JavaScript vanilla library that automatically creates a “table of contents” for an HTML document. The JavaScript library navigates all the title elements within the document and creates a filterable table of contents with anchor links in a full-height collapsible side panel. How to make use of it: 1. Download the package deal … Read more

SVG Filters to Create a Morphing Text Effect JavaScript


Text Morph is a project that uses JavaScript SVG filters to create a “Morphing Text” effect. It layers two text elements on top of each other and blurs them based on which text element should be more visible. Once the opacity is applied, both texts are fed through a threshold filter together, producing a “gooey” … Read more

Vue 2.x Lightweight String Manipulation Filter Library


Vue String Filter is a simple and lightweight Vuejs 2 string processing filter. vue filters, vue filters are deprecated, vue use filter in method, vue built in filters, vue 3 filters are deprecated, vue filter example, vue js search filter multiple Available Filter uppercase lowercase capitalize titlecase slug truncate cut remove remove_first replace replace_first append … Read more

[Advanced] Web UI for Building Structured Search or Filter Queries


The Structured Filter is a web user interface for creating structured search queries. It is a complete jQuery UI tool, that supports various configurations and themes. With it, you can create structured search terms where the first name begins with the letter “a”, the birthday begins after 1/1/1990 and the status is (California, New York, … Read more

jQuery Plugin for Client-side List Filtering | filterThis


filterThis jQuery plugin for client-side list filtering is a simple JQUERY component that enables you to filter a dynamic HTML menu through an input field. jquery multiple filter plugin, jquery advanced search filter, jquery filter checkbox list, jquery category filter How to make use of it: 1. Download and include the additional component JQUERY Filterthis … Read more

How to Add Visual Effects To Images Using CSS Filters | filters.css


Filters CSS – Pure CSS is a compact library that applies configurable visual effects (such as blurring or changing color) to images when loading the page or when scrolling with CSS filters. Supported Filters: blur grayscale brightness contrast invert saturate sepia backdrop-blur opacity Custom Youtube Player for a Video As Background on jQuery | YTPlayer How … Read more

Display Website Sections With Data From Google Sheets | websheet.js


websheetjs is a JavaScript library that fills your webpage with data fetched from Google Sheets with images, filters, and links. A lightweight JS library for displaying website sections with data from Google Sheets. Powerful Spreadsheet Data Grid Component For Vue | RevoGrid How to make use of it: 1. Load the websheetjs JavaScript library within … Read more

Angular Material Table Filter Multiple Columns | -column-filter


mat-table-column-filter is a different column filter in the angular material table. mat table column filter dropdown, angular material table filter multiple columns, filtering different columns in a material table, angular material table custom filter using select box jQuery Filter Table Rows By Column Value Plugin How to make use of it: Development server 💻 Run … Read more

Powerful Spreadsheet Data Grid Component For Vue | RevoGrid


The RevoGrid component helps represent a huge amount of data in the form of an “excel-like” spreadsheet or as a list. RevoGrid is a powerful, interactive, efficient, spreadsheet-like data grid component for Vue.js 3 applications. revo grid example, revogrid, svelte data grid, react data grid component, revo grid pagination, vue datagrid, stenciljs data grid, revogrid … Read more