[Dial Codes] Entering and Validating International Telephone Input With Flags


International Telephone Input is a JavaScript plugin for entering and verifying international phone numbers. Adds a flag dropdown to any entry, reveals the user’s country, displays a relevant placeholder, and provides formatting/validation methods. How to make use of it: 1. Include the required intlTelInput.css within the head part of your web page. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”build/css/intlTelInput.css”> … Read more

One Easy-to-use 230+ Country Flags Component for Vue.js


vueflags is a component of Vue.js that provides a collection of 230+ country flags for your applications. VUE FLAGS is One easy-to-use flag component with all ISO 3166-1 country. Keyword searches “vue flags, country flag icons, country flag icons bootstrap, country flags npm, vue country flag example, country flags svg” How to make use of … Read more