One Easy-to-use 230+ Country Flags Component for Vue.js


vueflags is a component of Vue.js that provides a collection of 230+ country flags for your applications. VUE FLAGS is One easy-to-use flag component with all ISO 3166-1 country. Keyword searches “vue flags, country flag icons, country flag icons bootstrap, country flags npm, vue country flag example, country flags svg” How to make use of … Read more

Single Div Pure CSS Country Flags Javascript


Single Div Pure CSS Flags are 111 single-element country tags implemented in pure HTML/CSS format. css country flags, font awesome country flags, flag icon css not working, pure css flags, country flags javascript, html country flags How to make use of it: Copy and paste the following CSS styles into your document. <ul> <li> <h2>1</h2> … Read more

A Quick jQuery-Based Country Picker With Flags | Country Select JS


Country Select JS is a jQuery plugin to select a country, based on the international phone input plugin. Adds a flag dropdown to any input, which lists all countries in English and the dominant national language next to their flags. Features Automatically select country by user type. Go to the country dropdown by typing the … Read more

Flags For Currency Codes CSS Library


Currency-flags are the package that produces two CSS files (both minimized and non-minimized) with classes for currency symbols. This CSS library used to embed national flags in an HTML document using HTML / CSS and base64 encoded images. Bump major release: Note that version 3 of this library no longer includes base64-encoded images, instead referring … Read more