Horizontal Sort Waterfall Layout Component for Vue.js


vue-flex-waterfall is a horizontal sorting waterfall layout component for Vue.js, achieved through flex layout. masonry layout using flexbox, vue masonry css, vue masonry tutorial, vue masonry gallery, vue masonry wall, masonry dynamic grid layout, yegervue masonry wall Try to add, delete or modify some blocks, and resize the window! How to make use of it: … Read more

A Lightweight Flex Based Responsive Grid Library | PrimeFlex


PrimeFlex is a lightweight, responsive CSS utility library to accompany Prime UI libraries and static web pages as well. primevue primeflex, primeng primeflex, primeflex latest version, primeflex github, how to use primeflex CSS Utilities: Utility First Grid System Flexbox Utilities Spacing Elevation Font Utilities Sizing Color System Responsive Form Layout Icons Optimized Size How to … Read more

[Morph Effect] Responsive Animated Navbar Using Flex and Clip-Path


Animated navigation bar with flex and clip-path is a great responsive navigation bar that switches to hamburger navigation when maximum screen width is reached: defaults are 800px. Clicking on the hamburger will turn the toggle button into a full screen navigation menu with the CSS clip-path. morphing fullscreen hamburger menu, hamburger menu animation codepen, hamburger … Read more