Simple and Lightweight Flexbox Carousel Plugin With JavaScript | flexCarousel.js


Flexbox Responsive Slider – flexCarousel.js plugin is a simple and lightweight plug-in from Flexbox carousel ES6 JavaScript. An unofficial fork by Slick Carousel. Flex Carousel is a jQuery Vanilla JavaScript plugin that lets you create absolutely responsive content material carousels with CSS3 Flexbox. More options: SVG Navigation arrows. Auto rotates at a given pace. Dynamic … Read more

Responsive Menu Layout with Flexbox and Using jQuery


Responsive Menu is a mobileĀ menu layout with flexbox and the use of Jquery that turns a normal menu into a toggle sliding menu, built using jQuery template and CSS3 flexbox. mobile sliding menu, responsive menu download, slide out menu examples, responsive menu layout with flexbox How to make use of it: 1. Create an html … Read more

Minimal CSS Framework Made with Flexbox | Flexy


Flexy CSS framework for creating a responsive and justified/flexible grid of elements using Flexbox CSS. It also features a customizable main width, gutter, nested columns, and more. best flex css framework, flex wrap css, flexbox grid, css flex property, flexbox 12 column grid, flexbox grid generator Features: minimum. It’s only 0.33KB minified + gzip. responsive. … Read more

[codepen] Flexbox Based Responsive Image Slider Library


Flexbox Image Slider is a very simple and responsive image slider built with JavaScript and Flexbox CSS. flexbox image gallery codepen, flexbox image grid different sizes, flexbox carousel codepen, flexbox slider, flexbox image size, flexbox image and text How to make use of it: 1. Add a group of photos to the slider. <div class=”slider”> … Read more

Horizontal Sort Waterfall Layout Component for Vue.js


vue-flex-waterfall is a horizontal sorting waterfall layout component for Vue.js, achieved through flex layout. masonry layout using flexbox, vue masonry css, vue masonry tutorial, vue masonry gallery, vue masonry wall, masonry dynamic grid layout, yegervue masonry wall Try to add, delete or modify some blocks, and resize the window! How to make use of it: … Read more

CSS Layout Components Horizontal/Vertical Stack | HStack and VStack


HStack and VStack in CSS – CSS layout components that (basically) stack anything horizontally and vertically. A pure CSS library that makes it easy to stack elements horizontally inline or stack elements vertically on top of each other with Flexbox CSS. css stack items horizontally, css stack elements vertically, html div horizontal elements, css inline … Read more

A Javascript Library To Handle Custom Resizing Of Flexbox Elements


Resizer is a javascript library to handle custom resizing of flexbox elements. This allows the user to drag the handle to change the size of the frame. resize div by dragging border, how to make flex items same width, resizable div javascript, flexbox drag resize, horizontal resize div, css resize handle, resize div from left … Read more

CSS Flexbox-based Responsive Navigation Bar Templates


Pure CSS Responsive Flexbox Navigation that automatically turns normal horizontal navigation into a sliding hamburger menu. Based on CSS transitions, flexbox, and checkbox + label tricks. flexbox responsive navbar, flexbox dropdown menu responsive, flexbox navbar example, responsive navigation bar templates, responsive navigation menu css TOC Animated Side Navigation For Long Web Content How to make … Read more

Pure CSS Making A Flexbox Bar Graphs Plugin


Pure CSS (flexbox based) bar graphs with graceful mobile back up. A graphing library that converts an HTML table into a column or bar chart using Flexbox CSS. flexbox bar chart, css stacked bar chart, bar chart html css, css bar chart, horizontal bar graph htmlcss, vertical stacked bar chart htmlcss How to make use … Read more

Unknown Resizable Modern Split View In JavaScript | Split.js


Split.js is an unknown 2 KB utility for splitting views (also called panes or frames). It handles weird situations so you don’t have to. ThisĀ is a lightweight JavaScript vanilla library used to create resizable segmented views that support CSS, flexbox, and Grid layouts. Split.js is CSS-driven, and it only uses JS to recalculate CSS styles … Read more