JQuery Split Flap Text Animation Plugin | Flapper


Flapper is a jQuery plugin that copies the Split-flap (or “Solari”) screens that were popular at train stations and airports, and your father’s alarm clock in the 1970s. To use, simply attach Flapper to any entry on your page. When the input change event is fired, Flapper will update the display. Features: easy to use. … Read more

Simple Flip Component-Based On Angular | ngxFlip


ngxFlip is a simple plug-and-play flip animation component for Angular 6+. 3d animation in angular, angular mat card animation, mat card flip, angular material cards side by side, angular latest version [Animation] 3D Page Flip Images Effect For Vue component | flipbook How to make use of it: Install: npm install ngx-flip –save 1. Import … Read more