[Icon Picker] Iconpicker for Bootstrap 5 Icons Library

Bootstrap 5-based icon picker which supports any icon libraries like Bootstrap Icons, Font Awesome[fontawesome.com], etc. Must Read: 1000+ Pixel Perfect SVG Icons For Vue Components | Unicons How…


JavaScript Library for Creating Flying Icons | wand.js

wand.js is a small JavaScript library for creating flying icons that can be triggered by any JS event. Wand JS is a stick for Instagram production like…


Bootstrap Themeable Icon Picker In Vanilla JavaScript

Vanilla Icon Picker is a customizable and themeable icon picker that currently supports the latest Font Awesome 5 icon set. How to make use of it: 1….


Web Component for Loading SVG Icons in the DOM

SVG-ICON Vanilla js web component, a custom component that provides the ability to simply load SVG icons into the HTML DOM. It is up to the user…


Most Popular File Extensions and File Types Icons | CSS-file-icons

Pure CSS file icons for most popular file extensions/types. CSS file icons are a CSS/SCSS library used to create file sort and extension icons utilizing Cascading Style…


A Vue Component Library for Bootstrap Icons

Vue Bootstrap Icons is a free, high-quality, open-source icon library with over 1500+ icons. Include them however you want — SVGs, SVG sprites, or web fonts. Use…