Lazy Javascript Loader for Images and Iframes | AyLazyLoader

AyLazyLoader is a lazy JavaScript loader plugin for lazy loading images and iframes based on IntersectionObserver. Automatically detects lazy items from Ajax orders. Supports srcset properties and…


Free Vanilla JavaScript Polyfill For Native Lazy Loading

Loading attribute polyfill is fast and lightweight JavaScript filling with vanilla for native slow-loading, which means the behavior of loading objects directly before they enter the viewport….


Mosaic Tiling with Lazy Image Loading Plugin

Mosaic Tiling Plugin is a simple JavaScript plugin that allows you to display images in a mosaic format. It has some extensibility, which can make adding lazy…


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jquery.observe.js IS Note the elements to see if they are inside the viewport. Observe.js is an advanced object visibility detector that provides a simple way to implement…


A Simple Progressive, Responsive, Lazy Image/Video Loading Library for Angular

Angular Image Loader is a simple progressive/responsive/lazy loading image library for Angular that detects browser size and loads the appropriate image only when the element is on…


A Simple, Lightweight Image Lazy Loader In Pure JavaScript | Simply Lazy

Simply Lazy is a simple and lightweight (0.6 KB) lazy uploader for pure JavaScript that works even in IE * and uses the Intersection Observer API to…