Simple and Lightweight LazyLoad Embed Vimeo Player Plugin in Pure JavaScript

LazyLoad Embed Vimeo Player – Simple and Lightweight Plugin – Pure JavaScript. Vimeo LazyLoad is the sister project of Youtube LazyLoad that loads an on-demand Vimeo video…


Responsive Grid Fade and Intersection Observer Lazyload

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How to Make Embedded Videos Load Faster – Yet another Youtube lazy loader that delays the loading of Youtube video contributors to improve your web page efficiency….


A Vue.js Plugin for Lazyloading Your Image or Component

Vue-Lazyload is a lightweight and easy-to-use Vue 1.x/2.x module for lazy loading images in your apps. Some of this project’s noteworthy goals include: BE LIGHTWEIGHT, STRONG, AND…


Jquery Plugin To Handle Scenarios Where Loading Images Too Fast | jquery.lazyrate.js

jquery.lazyrate.js is a Jquery plugin designed to load images with a delay in between, to deal with scenarios where loading images too quickly causes rate-limiting issues. lazyrate.js…


Lazy Loading Plugin Building With Vanilla JavaScript | lazyloading

Lazyloading JavaScript Library supports downloading dynamic images, which means that newly added images will not be downloaded until you are visible on the screen. How to make…