Rapid Form Development Library for Angular | ng-dynamic-forms


NG Dynamic Forms is a rapid form development library based on the official Angular dynamic forms guide Directory. It fully automates the user interface created by introducing a combination of maintainable form control modules and dynamic form control components. Out-of-the-box support is provided for all popular UI libraries including Material, ngx-bootstrap, NG Bootstrap, Foundation, Ionic, … Read more

Angular Components For Date Range Picker Using ng-bootstrap


DateRangePicker is a corner library for date range picker. Dependencies: angular, ng-bootstrap, Bootstrap > 4 (css). date range picker angular, ngx daterangepicker material, date range picker angular npm, angular date range picker example, mat date range picker Date Range Picker Component-Based On Angular Material Calendar How to make use of it: Installation npm i @uiowa/date-range-picker … Read more