A Simple Script That Allows Users To Save And Reuse Form Data


Form Saver is a small, easy-to-use script that allows users to save and reuse form data. Form Saver is built using modern JavaScript APIs and uses incremental improvements. If the JavaScript file fails to load, or if your site is shown on older, less capable browsers, the Save and Delete Data buttons will not be … Read more

A JavaScript Plugin For Creating And Managing Modals | Minitaur.js


minitaur is the ultimate, dependency-free, easy-to-use, JavaScript plugin for creating and managing modals/forms. bootstrap modal popup, how to create popup in html with css, bootstrap 4 modal popup, modal popup in html, automatic pop up window html, javascript modal popup How to make use of it: 1. Download and import the Minitaur.js library into the … Read more

Simple Accessible Autocomplete For Vanilla Javascript | autocomplete.js


AutoComplete is a feature-rich, customizable, and fully accessible AutoComplete library written in Vanilla JavaScript. autocomplete js examples, bootstrap 5 autocomplete ajax, how to implement autocomplete, typeahead large dataset, autocomplete javascript Features Accessible, with full support for ARIA attributes and keyboard interactions Customize your own CSS Support for asynchronous data fetching Move between the records using … Read more

Simple Accessible Autocomplete With Asynchronous Data Fetch for Vanilla Javascript


Simple autocomplete with asynchronous data fetch. A feature-rich, highly customizable, fully accessible library written in vanilla JavaScript. Features: Accessible, with full support for ARIA themes and keyboard interactions. Customize your own CSS. Support asynchronous data fetch. Navigate between records using the arrows ↓ ↑, and confirm by entering or the mouse Collecting benchmark results Show … Read more