Turtle to JSON-LD Converter for node.js and Browser | ttl2jsonld.js


Turtle to JSON-LD converter for node.js and browser, no dependencies for the library. ttl2jsonld.js is a JavaScript library that can be used to create a Turtle (Terse RDF Triple Language) for converting JSON-LD structured data. json ld generator, json ld example, json ld vs json schema, convert json ld to json How to make use … Read more

Web Bluetooth Module for Angular Library


angular-web-bluetooth is a missing Web Bluetooth module for Angular 2+. web bluetooth scan, npm manekineko angular web bluetooth, angular bluetooth serial, android bluetooth browser How to make use of it: Install: npm install -S @manekinekko/angular-web-bluetooth @types/web-bluetooth import the WebBluetoothModule module: import { NgModule } from ‘@angular/core’; import { WebBluetoothModule } from ‘@manekinekko/angular-web-bluetooth’; @NgModule({ imports: [ … Read more

A Simple Credit Cards Validation Library in JavaScript | creditcard.js


credicard.js is a JavaScript library with no dependency for validating credit card numbers, expiration dates, security codes, and credit card branding. credit card validator, credit card validator with cvv, credit card validator online, credit card validation javascript, credit card cvv validation javascript, yup credit card validation It supports both browser and server. Supported credit card … Read more

A Powerful and Simple Javascript Library History for Undo/Redo Functionality


UndoRedo.js is a powerful and simple JavaScript library that provides archives of the undo/redo function and applies undo and redo functions to text fields. The plugin provides a history function that records what you’ve written for undo and redo functions. Usage: This package is useful for any step-by-step task, for example: Undo / redo function … Read more

Avatar Generator Placeholder Library In JavaScript


Avatars are the placeholder library of avatar for designers and developers and you can choose between simple icons and beautifully designed characters. dummy avatar image, avatar placeholder svg free, profile image placeholder url, avatar placeholder png A Javascript Library To Get Easy Lorem Ipsum Text Generator How to make use of it: Install theĀ Avatars with … Read more

A UUID Generator for Both Browser and Nodejs | lsp-uuid


lsp-uuid is a SnowFlake based uuid generator for both browser and Nodejs. Keep serialization and can be deserialized. javascript uuid generator, generate uuid from timestamp javascript, angular uuid, uuid from string javascript, npm uuid, uuid node js Why lsp-uuid lsp-uuid has these features below: Up to 262,143 different IDs in one second; keep sequence ID … Read more