Ultra Small jQuery Notification Plugin | Notiny


Notiny is an ultra-small jquery notification plugin that helps you display material design snack bar style messages while show hides CSS3 animations on your web page. jquery notification popup, jquery notification message example, best jquery notification plugin, jquery toast notification, notification jquery css Corner Fixed Notifications Alerts With Bootstrap | BS4 Show Notification How to … Read more

Simple And Minimal Notification Plugin | Vue-Easy-Notify


Vue Easy Notify is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for VueJs that comes with a mixin that you can use to easily integrate server-side notifications with vue-easy-notify. vue toast notification example, vue js notification popup, vue global notification component, vuetify notification list, js notification popup library JavaScript Library for Creating Confidential Popup Notifications | Polipop.js … Read more

A Library of Material Notification With Javascript And CSS | MaterialNotify


MaterialNotify is an extremely lightweight material notice using Javascript (JQuery) and CSS. On Android, I love to use snack bars and now I’ve made something like this in HTML. push notification material design, status bar notification, android group notifications, send notification to android app, notification snackbar android Features: Success and alert messages. Rejects alert after … Read more

Customizable Plugin for a Notification Bar | jquery.peekABar


jquery.peekABar is a jQuery notification bar extension with customization options. peek bar is a lightweight notifications plugin that helps you create pinned notification bars with loads of customization options. jquery notification message box, jquery notification message example, toast notification jquery, notification jquery, pop up alert notifications using jquery How to make use of it: Install … Read more