A Simple and Elegant Javascript Library To Display Sweet Notifications


sweet-notifications is a lightweight JavaScript library to create a sweet and consistent notification popup/toast on the page. how to use sweet alert in javascript, sweetalert html not working, sweetalert js, sweet alert using jquery How to make use of it: Importing the stylesheet ‘notify.css’ and JavaScript ‘notify.js’ into the page. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”notify.css”> <script src=”notify.js”></script> … Read more

Show Success, Error, Info, and Warning Notifications Plugin


Notification library shows success, error, info, and warning notifications on the Angular 4+ app. angular notification example, angular push notification, angular notification npm, angular material notification, push notification angular How to make use of it: Installation: npm install –save @cloukit/notification yarn add @cloukit/notification 1. You need to define cloukit-dropout-outlet and cloukit-media-outlet-loader in your main Bootstrap … Read more

Free JavaScript Notification Popup JS Library | X-Notify


X-Notify is a lightweight JavaScript library to help developers create notification popups similar to Growl from Apple and Android’s Toasts. The mini version is only 4.69 KB, while the regular version is 6.88 KB. prompt box in javascript, javascript alert, confirm box in javascript, customize javascript alert box css, alert box in javascript, prompt javascript, … Read more

Simple And Minimal Notification Plugin | Vue-Easy-Notify


Vue Easy Notify is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for VueJs that comes with a mixin that you can use to easily integrate server-side notifications with vue-easy-notify. vue toast notification example, vue js notification popup, vue global notification component, vuetify notification list, js notification popup library JavaScript Library for Creating Confidential Popup Notifications | Polipop.js … Read more

Lightweight JavaScript Notification Message Box Library Plugin


Awesome Notification is a lightweight and fully customizable JavaScript notification library with improved asynchronous support. awesome notifications, js notification library, jquery notification popup, notifications library, js notification popup, jquery notification bubble, jquery notification message box Features: Modal style notifications. Toast style notifications. Supports HTML content. Confirmation and alert dialogs. Auto rejects after a certain timeout. … Read more