Easy To Customize jQuery Notification Message Plugin | cosyAlert

cosyAlert is a jQuery notification plugin that makes it easy to display different types of notifications (alert, error, success, notification) on the web page. Must Read: Add…


jQuery Quick Corner Notification Plugin Library | Notific

Notific jQuery plugin that helps you to display notifications on your site. This notification plugin is for creating customizable, non-blocking animated notification boxes and load indicators for…


Headless Vue Notification Library for Use With Tailwind | vt-notifications

vt-notifications is a customizable headless Vue notification component designed for the Tailwind framework. Using the library in Nuxt.js To get this library working Nuxt.js you need to…


Angular Library To Display A Notification Message | NotificationMsgLibrary

NgxNotificationMsg Angular Library to help developers create minimal clean popup alerts on the app. Features: Custom header and text content. Auto dismiss or rejects after a timeout….


Simple And Minimal Notification Plugin | Vue-Easy-Notify

Vue Easy Notify is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for VueJs that comes with a mixin that you can use to easily integrate server-side notifications with vue-easy-notify….


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X-Notify is a lightweight JavaScript library to help developers create notification popups similar to Growl from Apple and Android’s Toasts. The mini version is only 4.69 KB,…