Easily Format Numbers To Display and Use with jQuery


jQuery Number Plugin that allows developers to easily format numbers for display use. Allows users to replace numbers included in the document, or return a formatted number for other uses. number format in jquery with comma, jquery format number to 2 decimal places, jquery number format thousand separator, javascript format number, number format jquery decimal … Read more

A Simple Plugin For Live Separate Input Numbers in Text Boxes


Easy Number Separator is a useful pure JavaScript plugin for formatting currency by a comma separator (,) on input. input typenumber comma separator, html format number thousands separator, jquery thousand separator input, bootstrap input currency format Features Separate the number with a comma character (,) when typing into input automatically and in real-time. It does … Read more

[Multilingual] jQuery Spelling Number Plugin That Converts a Number Into Words


jQuery Spelling Number is a plugin that converts a number into words – their written form (تفقيط أوتحويل الأرقام الى كلمات). SpellingNumber is a jQuery-based multilingual number converting word that helps convert any numbers (like currency, weight, height …) into equivalent words. Features: Support for 14 languages, including Arabic You can define the whole unit, … Read more

JavaScript Library for Generating Numbers Lock JS


Lock.js is a javascript library for lock number generation. It uses a string of a series of symbols as a custom code to lock/unlock something on your web application. Features Interactive – you can change the combination by clicking, dragging, or using the mouse wheel. Events – there are events when changing and when the … Read more