Single One Page Scrolling Website In Pure JavaScript | skrllr.js


skrllr.js is a flexible JavaScript plugin that implements a basic full-screen, single one-page¬†scrolling effect for your long web content. It also supports mouse wheel and keyboard interactions. one page scroll website template free, single page scrolling website html, minimalist one page website, one page scroll example Create One Page Multi Scrolling Split Websites | multiScroll.js … Read more

Flexible and Easy To Scroll by Section Plugin | jQuery SectionScroll


ScrollSection.js is a very simple plugin that allows you to scroll by sections. The main difference between this plugin compared to other plugins for scrolling by section is that it does not handle anything but scrolling and supports any element height. one page scroll animation css, one page scroll jsfiddle, one page scroll example, one … Read more

Change Web Sections to One Page Scrolling Effect In JavaScript Plugin | docSlider.js


docSlider.js is a JavaScript plugin that works without jQuery. This plugin is a lightweight vertical/horizontal one-page scrolling JS library that supports side navigation, keyboard interactions, scrollable elements, and anchor links. How to make use of it: 1. Import the stylesheet docSlider.css and JavaScript docSlider.js. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”docSlider.css” /> <script src=”docSlider.min.js”></script> 2. Add fullscreen sections to … Read more