Performant Large List Pagination Component Angular Library


The pagination component can be used to number a list of things. angular pagination with next and previous button, pagination component angularjs, javascript dynamic pagination example, pagination in react js functional component How to make use of it: Install yarn add @cloukit/theme Then import the needed modules into your main module. import { NgModule } … Read more

A Simple Pagination Component for Angular Applications


Angular Paginator is a fully customizable pagination module for Angular applications using the Bootstrap 4 template. customize mat paginator, angular paginator, custom pagination in angular, angular pagination example, dynamic pagination in angular How to make use of it: Installation: npm install angular-paginator –save # or yarn add angular-paginator 1. Import angular-paginator module: import { AngularPaginatorModule … Read more

Angular Pagination Standalone For Your Data Grid | NgxPaginate


NgxPaginate Angular pagination for your grid (or any other form of data). It is just about remembering the state of the current page. It calculates how many pages it needs/can display for users to choose from based on the current page, page size, and total items. angular pagination example, dynamic pagination in angular, pagination in … Read more

A Pure Javascript Class for Paginating of DOM elements | purePajinate


PurePajinate is a pure JavaScript class for paginating across any number of DOM elements that make it easy to create pagination controls for long block elements like cards, images, lists, etc. dynamic pagination in javascript, custom pagination in javascript, javascript pagination, javascript pagination demo, javascript pagination example Read More: A Simple and Lightweight jQuery Pagination Plugin … Read more