Vue JS Component For Stackable Slideout Transition Panels


Vue Slideout Panel is a component for creating stackable sliding panels. Palettes can be added from any Vue component and added to the global stack and must be closed in LIFO order. vue vuetify slide out panel, vue slide transition, vue burger menu example, javascript slide left right top bottom, css sliding panel, vue slide … Read more

Highly Configurable Floating Panels, Modals, Tooltips | jsPanel


jsPanel is a JavaScript library for creating highly configurable floating panels, forms, tips, tips/alerts/alerts, or context menus for use in backend solutions and other web applications. javascript dockable panels, javascript panel layout, javascript draggable windows, javascript control panel, jquery floating panel, jspanel examples Key Features: Supports any HTML content. AJAX and iframe content are also … Read more

Add Javascript to Use a Slider That You Can Place Wherever You Want | SlidePanel


SlidePanel, Add Javascript to use a slider that you can place wherever you want. This plugin used to create customizable sliders for mobile site navigation, settings panes on the dashboard, notification bars, comment forms, social sharing tools, and more. Features: Slides out from the top, bottom, left, or right of the page. Configurable animation. Auto … Read more