Parallax Scroll Directive for Angular | ng2-parallaxscroll


ng2-parallaxscroll is a parallax directive to implement a parallax scrolling effect on Angular 2+ applications. An Easy-to-use Mouse Parallax Component for Vue.js How to make use of it: Installation: npm install –save ng2-parallaxscroll 1. Reference the directive in the main module: import { ParallaxScrollModule } from ‘ng2-parallaxscroll’; 2. Use the component, providing the image URL, … Read more

A Lightweight jQuery Plugin For Image Parallax Scrolling Effect


mini parallax is a small jQuery plugin that adds parallax scrolling effects to background images using the Window.requestAnimationFrame() method. parallax js, jquery parallax scrolling, jquery parallax plugin, parallax js examples, vanilla js parallax, smooth scroll parallax jquery A Plugin For Vue That Adds A Parallax Effect Directive By rellax.js How to make use of it: … Read more

True Parallax Scrolling JavaScript Library | parallax-js


parallax-js is the real parallax scrolling, not just static backgrounds. This is simply done using (lightweight) vanilla javascript which animates the parallax elements based on the current scroll position in the page’s vertical scroll. jquery parallax scroll, parallax scrolling js, 3d parallax js, parallax js, parallax js examples, smooth parallax scrolling, smooth parallax scrolling background … Read more