Create Smooth & Beautiful Animations When You Scroll | lax.js


lax.js is a simple and lightweight (less than 4kb gzipped) JavaScript library for creating smooth, beautiful scrolling animations. This Js library provides 18+ cool element animations when scrolling down and up. Keyword searches “page scroll animation css, on scroll animation, animation on scroll, on scroll animation css, css animations on scroll slide in from left, … Read more

Vanilla JSU Parallax Scrolling Effect On Elements


Vanilla JavaScript is a small library to implements the subtle parallax scrolling effect on any element within a document. Use this plug-in to move objects within the document at different speeds when scrolling the page. Keyword searches “parallax scrolling, pure css parallax background image, full page parallax scroll effect, smooth parallax scrolling background image, parallax … Read more

Responsive Parallax Scroll Background Image with jQuery Plugin


Parallax Scroll jQuery Plugin that allows you to implement a familiar Parallax effect with your background image in vertical scrolling of the page. Keyword searches “parallax scrolling div jquery, javascript parallax background, image parallax effect jquery, parallax scrolling library, best parallax plugin” How to make use of it: 1. jQuery parallax scroll plugin is loaded … Read more

Parallax Scroll Directive for Angular | ng2-parallaxscroll


ng2-parallaxscroll is a parallax directive to implement a parallax scrolling effect on Angular 2+ applications. An Easy-to-use Mouse Parallax Component for Vue.js How to make use of it: Installation: npm install –save ng2-parallaxscroll 1. Reference the directive in the main module: import { ParallaxScrollModule } from ‘ng2-parallaxscroll’; 2. Use the component, providing the image URL, … Read more

Simple jQuery Parallax Effect for Background Images | jQParralax


jQParralax is a tiny jQuery plugin that applies a parallax scrolling effect to any DOM elements with background images. Slightly adjust the position of the background image when scrolling the page. parallax scrolling, parallax effect css, 3d parallax effect, pure css parallax background image, parallax effect website, parallax scrolling css tricks Custom, Responsive Particle Background … Read more

Simple jQuery Scroll & Mouse Parallax | Parajjax


Parajjax JS is a simple jQuery Scroll & Mouse Parallax plugin for parallax elements based on mouse movement and page scroll events. parallax effect js, parallax js demo, parallax js example, parallax scrolling effect js How to make use of it: 1. Load the JavaScript parajjax.js and Stylesheet parajjax.css within the doc. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/path/to/parajjax.css” … Read more

A Plugin For jQuery To Create A Parallax Page With A Cool Effect


Jquery parallax plugin specifies the background difference effect for all first-level sub-elements within a given parent and assigns the appearance effect to the next-level descendants of the sub-element. This plug-in can be used on a personal computer or mobile terminal. If it is a mobile station, it will judge whether the orientation of the phone … Read more

An Easy-to-use Mouse Parallax Component for Vue.js


vue-mouse-parallax is an easy-to-use parallax mouse component that reacts to the movement of the mouse. vue-kinesis is a set of components that allow you to create interactive animations for your Vue.js applications. vue parallax js, vue kinesis, 3d parallax js, parallax accelerometer js, nuxt parallax How to make use of it: Install & Download: # … Read more

A Simple Javascript Background Parallax Scrolling Library | parascroll.js


Parascroll.js provides a simple image scroller that can be easily integrated into any website. It is ideal for backgrounds on “hero” style elements but can be used on any background element. jquery parallax scrolling background image, parallax js examples, best parallax js library, horizontal parallax scrolling jquery How to make use of it: 1. Load … Read more

Javascript/jQuery Plugin for Simple Parallax Effects Animation | xcroller


xcroller is a very basic one-line Javascript/jQuery plugin for simple parallax effects. xCroller helps developers and designers create parallax effects with just one or a few lines of code. You must download the xCroller Javascript file and include it in your project. Important: jQuery must also be in your project for xCroller to work properly. … Read more