Drag/Resize/Rotate Javascript Library | Subjx

Subjx(dragging/resizing/rotating) is a JavaScript library that enables easy rotation, resizing, and drag-drop functionality for HTML elements and/or SVG objects. A touch-enabled, resizable, draggable library for creating drag-and-drop…


Simple jQuery based Analog/Digital Gauge Plugin | simplegauge.js

jquery simple gaugeĀ is a simple jQuery extension for showing analog and/or digital scales that uses SVG and JavaScript to plot customizable analog or digital scales on a…


Simple Animated jQuery & SVG Based Graph Plugin

Graph.js is an interactive and customizable jQuery plugin that takes advantage of HTML5 SVG to create linear, area, bar, combo, pie, and donut graphs with support for…


Web Component for Loading SVG Icons in the DOM

SVG-ICON Vanilla js web component, a custom component that provides the ability to simply load SVG icons into the HTML DOM. It is up to the user…


Awesome Animated SVG Search Field with jQuery

SVG search icon transitions to emphasize focus, created with jQuery and SVG path animations, CSS3 transitions, and transitions. How to make use of it: 1. Create an…


Simple and Animated Circular Progress Bar in SVG

A simple circular progress bar is a single call that works to multiple progress carousels. IntersectionObserver support, the animation starts when an individual graph appears in view….