[ZOOOM.JS] How to Zoom Images like Medium with Pure Javascript


Medium Image Zoom is a simple plugin for image zooming without dependencies. Only pure javascript. Just one other JavaScript picture zoom plugin which zooms and shows photos in an overlay masking the entire web page – Inspired by Medium.com. Keyword searches “javascript image zoom library, zoom in image using jquery, javascript image zoom example, vanilla … Read more

jQuery Simple Image Inner Zoom On Hover Plugin


Simple Image Zoom is the simplest jQuery solution to zoom in / zoom out on an image on mouseover. image zoom plugin, inner zoom image jquery, jquery image zoom mobile friendly, click on the image to zoom, zoom image on hover javascript A Vue Component For Magnifying An Inner Image Zoom Plugin How to make … Read more

How to Zoom Images Like Medium | zoom.js


zoom.js is a pure JavaScript version of the jQuery plugin that provides medium-like customizable, touch-enabled, smoothly animated image zooming functionality on images. How to make use of it: Include each the zoom.css and zoom.js on the webpage. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/zoom.css”> <script src=”dist/zoom.min.js”></script> Just add the ‘data-action’ attribute to the present image and executed it. // Add Image … Read more