Adding Zoom-on-Wheel and Pan-on-Drag to Inline SVG Elements


Vanilla-js module for adding zoom and panning behavior when dragging to SVG embedded elements. A lightweight Vanilla JavaScript plugin that enables zoom and pan functions on an SVG object. Keyword searches “wheel event on mobile, mouse wheel zoom, javascript mouse wheel up or down, jquery wheel event, mousewheel event, scroll vs wheel event” How to … Read more

Mobile-friendly Image Inner Zoom jQuery Plugin | AngularZoomDirective


jqueryZoom.js is a jQuery plugin and an AngularJS directive that creates a magnifying glass effect to show the details of a specific part of your image. jquery image zoom plugin examples, jquery image zoom mobile friendly, click on the image to zoom, jquery image zoom plus minus How to make use of it: 1. Include … Read more

A Library For Panning And Zooming Elements | panzoom


Panzoom is a small ES6 module for adding simple pan and zoom functions to any DOM element. Includes cascading containers and border potential (internal or external). Dealing with touch events on touch devices. Only for modern browsers. panzoom angular, panzoompanzoom, pan zoom react, html5 canvas pan zoom, panzoom npm, svg pan zoom, svg panzoom jsfiddle, … Read more

Angular Component That Allows Panning/Zooming An Image In A Canvas Element


Zoomable-Canvas is an Angular 2 component that allows panning and zooming an image in a Canvas element. The <canvas> element hosting the HtmlImageElement can be moved and minified with the mouse. This component also provides two-way bindings links for programmatic navigation and zoom. How to make use of it: Install: npm install –save @durwella/zoomable-canvas 1. … Read more

Product Thumbnail Slider With Positive Zoom Effect jQuery


Positive Zoom is a JavaScript library for creating an image gallery where you can zoom in on the current image by hovering over it. jquery image gallery with thumbnails and zoom, product gallery with image zoom example, image carousel with zoom, vertical thumbnail slider with zoom effect How to make use of it: 1. Load … Read more

Zoom & Dynamically Crop Images Plugin with jQuery | enhance.js


enhance.js jQuery is a medium-style image zoom plugin that uses CSS3 object-fit / object-position for intelligent image scaling and Velocity.js for accelerated animation in JavaScript. jquery image cropping and resizing, bootstrap image crop and upload, jquery responsive image cropper Differences Removes Boostrap dependency Adds Velocity.js dependency Supports object-fit and object-position CSS properties Has some classes to get you started … Read more

Lightweight Image Zoom ES5 Javascript Plugin | Zoom By Ironex


Zoom By Ironex is a lightweight (8KB) ES5 JavaScript extension without any dependencies and is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. touch enabled image zoom plugin, image zoom js, image zoom in popup jquery, pinch zoom jquery mobile example, zoom in image using jquery Supported Events doubleclick mousemove mousewheel doubletap touchmove pinch How to … Read more

Image Zoom On Hover jQuery Plugin | picZoomer


picZoomer is a jQuery plugin that adds a zoom functionality to your images with thumbnail navigation support. You can use the plugin on your e-commerce site to creating a product viewer that allows the visitor to navigate between product images using the image scrolling zoom functionality. product image zoom on hover jquery, product image zoom … Read more

JQuery Plugin For Simple Image With Zoom Effect | ezoom.js


ezoom.js is a simple photo jQuery plugin with a zoom effect. This plugin is under development to support Next / Previous Image Gallery / later SVG. This photo viewer plugin makes it easy to view, pan, zoom, and rotate your image in a full-screen modal popup. Features: Zoom in / Zoom out the image with … Read more

Simple VueJS Component for Image Magnifying/Product Zooming


Vue Magnifier is a free component for basic image magnification practices that applies a magnifying glass effect to any image. vue product zoomer, vuetify image magnifier, magnify image on hover, image magnifier glass, image magnifier js, vue image zoom on hover, vuetify zoom image on hover How to Create a 360 Product View Using JavaScript … Read more