Pure Simple and Lightweight JS Terminal Emulator | ttty.js

ttty.js is a simple and lightweight Terminal emulator‘ of TypeScript which emulates the terminal behavior of the browser.


  • Tiny, dependency-free and built with modern JS
  • Easy-to-add custom commands
  • Events
  • Command history
  • A help message
  • Command arguments with validation
  • Interruptable “foreground process” imitation
  • Small but powerful API

Browser compatibility

ttty was designed and distributed with ES6 in mind (including the mini-package). You can always convert and aggregate them to target the browser set of your choice.

How to make use of it:

1. Install and import the ttty.js file.

# Yarn
$ yarn add ttty

$ npm i ttty
import { initTerminal } from 'ttty'

2. Or, insert the following files into the document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="ttty.css" />
<script src="ttty.iife.js"></script>

3. Create an empty container for the terminal.

<div id="terminal"></div>

4. Configure the terminal emulator.

  host: document.querySelector("#terminal"),

5. Customize the bash prompt.

  host: document.querySelector("#terminal"),
  prompt: "user@ttty:~$ ",

6. Customize the help message.

  host: document.querySelector("#terminal"),
  prompt: "user@ttty:~$ ",
  welcomeMessage: "Welcome to WCF. Type Help to get started.",

7. Create your own commands.

  host: document.querySelector("#terminal"),
  prompt: "user@ttty:~$ ",
  welcomeMessage: "Welcome to WCF. Type Help to get started.",
  commands: {
    echo: {
      name: "echo",
      description: "a test command with one echo arg",
      argDescriptions: ["a string to be echoed in console"],
      func: ({ print }, argument) => { print(argument) }
    test: {
      name: "test",
      description: "a test command with no args",
      func: ({ print }) => { print("foo") }
    multiply: {
      name: "multiply",
      description: "Multiply two numbers",
      argDescriptions: ["number one", "number two"],
      func: ({ print }, one, two) => { print(Number(one) * Number(two)) }

8. Enable/disable the help command.

  host: document.querySelector("#terminal"),
  prompt: "user@ttty:~$ ",
  welcomeMessage: "Welcome to WCF. Type Help to get started.",
  enableHelp: false,

9. Determining the maximum number of commands that should be stored in the device.

  host: document.querySelector("#terminal"),
  prompt: "user@ttty:~$ ",
  welcomeMessage: "Welcome to WCF. Type Help to get started.",
  historyLength: 10,

10. API methods.

// print text
myTerminal.print(text, isCommand);

// emulate a command execution

// start a "foreground process"

// print text with a "typing" effect
myTerminal.type(text, speed, callback);

11. Events.

const myTerminal = document.getElementById('terminal');

term.addEventListener('onInit', e => console.log("Initialized!"));

term.addEventListener('onCommand', e => console.log("Executed!"));

term.addEventListener('onCommand404', e => console.log("Non-existing command executed!"));

term.addEventListener('onProcessStart', e => console.log("Process started!"));

term.addEventListener('onProcessStop', e => console.log("Process stopped!"));

term.addEventListener('onProcessInterrupt', e => console.log("Process interrupted with a keyboard!"));



init(settings)Initialize a terminal in a given DOM elementsettings object.


An object that’s being passed to every command function & returned by initTerminal

print(text, isCommand)Prints a given text in the terminal (accepts raw HTML)text – String, isCommand – Boolean, optional, defaults to false. Count given string as a command (displays prompt & syntax highlight)
run(text)Emulates a command execution in a terminal (acts the same way as a user would have typed and pressed Enter)text – String
start()Starts a “foreground process”: user input is blocked and command prompt never appears. 
stop()Stops “foreground process”. 
type(text, speed, callback)Prints a text with “typing” effect. Hides and blocks user input while typing.text – String, text to be printed. speed – integer, miliseconds. The higher the number, the slower. callback – function, gets executed when the process is finished.

Settings Object

host: DOM elementA DOM element to initialize terminal in. 
welcomeMessage: stringA welcome message that is being printed on initialization 
enableHelp: booleanToggle default help command that lists all the available commands and their descriptions.true
prompt: stringTerminal prompt‘$: ‘
historyLength: numberA maximum amount of commands that can be stored in the terminal history50
commands: objectcommands object 

Commands Object

name: stringCommand name.
description: stringCommand description, used for the default help command (when enabled).
argDescriptions: string arrayArray of strings that describe command line arguments in order of appearance.
func: function(terminal, …arguments)Function. Accepts an array of parameters in order of appearance (i.e. function(terminal, one, two) will correspond to two arguments passed as command one two)


onInitTerminal initialization
onCommandExisting command executed
onCommand404Non-existing command executed
onProcessStartProcess started
onProcessStopProcess stopped
onProcessInterruptProcess interrupted with a keyboard

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