[scrambling-text-js] How to Text Scramble/Shuffle Effect in JavaScript

Javascript Text Scramble Effect – A very simple javascript library written in vanilla js for scrambling text. Just one other JavaScript library is used to create a refined scrambling/shuffling/decoding impact for any textual content you present.

It additionally has the power to create a textual content rotator the place a bunch of textual content is displayed in sequence, with a scrambling impact.

How to make use of it:

1. Install and import the scrambling-text-js.

$ npm i scrambling-text --save
import Scrambler from 'scrambling-text';

2. Or instantly load the ‘scrambling-text.js’ within the doc.

<script src="./scrambling-text.js"></script>

3. Create a brand new Scrambler instance.

const scrambler = new Scrambler();
// for browser
const scrambler = new window.Scrambler();

4. Scramble any textual content you present.

scrambler.scramble('- webcodeflow.com -');

5. Execute a performance after the scrambling impact is completed.

const handleScramble = (text) => {
scrambler.scramble('- webcodeflow.com -', handleScramble);

6. Create a textual content rotator with a textual content scrambling impact.

const TEXTS = [
      '- webcodeflow.com -',
      'Text 2',
      'Text 3',
const scrambler = new window.Scrambler();
const handleScramble = (text) => {
  document.getElementById('text').innerHTML = text;
let i = 0;
function printText() {
  scrambler.scramble(TEXTS[i % TEXTS.length], handleScramble); 
  setTimeout(printText, 5000);

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