Top Best Autocomplete Libraries In 2023

jQuery Plugin for Autocomplete Fuzzy Searches | fuzzycomplete

fuzzycomplete is a jQuery plugin for fuzzy autocomplete form search, which uses Fuse.js. Leveraging the flexibility of Fuse.js, this plugin ...
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Simple Accessible Autocomplete For Vanilla Javascript | autocomplete.js

AutoComplete is a feature-rich, customizable, and fully accessible AutoComplete library written in Vanilla JavaScript. Browser support Autocomplete supports all major ...
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Mention Autocomplete Tag Input Plugin Using JavaScript

js-mention is a JavaScript plugin that adds said autocomplete functionality to a text field you specify. They can be used ...
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Bootstrap 4 Input Autocomplete Suggestions From Data List And AJAX

Bootstrap-autocomplete is a full-featured autocomplete plugin for the Bootstrap framework that displays suggestions in a drop-down menu while users type ...
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[Bootstrap 5] Autocomplete Functionality for Input Fields in Vanilla Javascript

bs5-autocomplete-vanilla Bootstrap is no longer based on jquery and is a simple, small but powerful alternative to autocomplete search string ...
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Flexible Input Autocomplete/Datalist Plugin | jQuery.Flexdatalist

Flexdatalist is a simple, flexible, and powerful jQuery extension that provides "auto-complete" functionality in your input field with support for ...
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Nice Simple Tag Input With Minimal Design For Bootstrap | MAB.Bootstrap.TagInput

The mab.jquery.TagInput is a jQuery plugin used to convert a text field into a nice input field for tag management ...
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Autocomplete/Typeahead JS Plugin For Bootstrap v5

bootstrap-5-autocomplete is an upgraded version of the Bootstrap 4 Autocomplete plugin that enables fast autocomplete/write functionality on Bootstrap 5 inputs ...
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[Live Search] Minimal and Dynamic Multiple Select Replacement

jquery multi-select is a dynamic multiselect alternative that allows you to select one or more options from a dropdown list ...
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jQuery Plugin For Creating Smart Autocompletion For Input Fields

Autocomplete jQuery plugin to create smart auto-completion and for displaying a suggestion list that enables the users to complete text ...
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Simple and Fast Autocomplete and Typeahead Javascript Library | autoComplete.js

autoComplete.js is a simple, pure, and incrementally designed JavaScript library for speed, high versatility, and seamless integration with a wide ...
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jQuery Plugin for Interactive Multi-Select & Autocomplete Dropdown Lists

MSelectDialogBox is a jQuery plug-in that attaches a dropdown menu with multi-selection and auto-complete capabilities for any DOM elements when ...
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