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Multiline Truncated Text With Show More/Less Links | show-more

Show more/less JavaScript library that breaks text (HTML experimental), lists or table by characters, elements, or row, and shows/hides blocks of text, elements, or table row using Show More and Show Less.

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  • Truncates textual content to a specified variety of characters.
  • Truncates an HTML record to a specified variety of record objects.
  • Truncates an HTML table to a specified variety of data (rows).

How to make use of it:

1. Download and insert the show-more library into the HTML doc.

<script src="showMore.min.js"></script>

2. Truncate your lengthy textual content to a variety of characters outlined within the data-number attribute:

<p class="demo-1" data-type="text" data-number="140">
  Long Text Here
new ShowMore('.demo-1', {
    more: ' → show more',
    less: ' ← less'

3. Truncate your lengthy HTML code.

<ul class="demo-2" data-type="list" data-number="5">
  <li>List Item 1</li>
  <li>List Item 2</li>
  <li>List Item 3</li>
  <li>List Item 4</li>
  <li>List Item 5</li>
new ShowMore('.demo-2', {
    type: 'li',
    more: '↓ show more',
    less: '↑ less'
// hide the overflowing list items
.hidden {

4. Truncate a big HTML table – Javascript Show Hide More Text.

  Large HTML Table Here
<table class="demo-3" data-type="table" data-number="3"></table>
// hide the overflowing table rows
.hidden {

5. Customize the kinds of the present extra & present much fewer buttons.

.showMore, .showLess {
  cursor: pointer;
  color: #222;

6. Determine the variety of content material to be displayed after the present extra & present much fewer buttons.

<p class="demo-1" data-type="text" data-number="140" data-after="50">
  Long Text Here

7. Determine whether or not to indicate the quantity subsequent to the toggle button.

new ShowMore('.demo-2', {
    type: 'li',
    more: '↓ show more',
    less: '↑ less',
    showNumber: true

Configuration of the plugin

your-classname of the class after which we want to add support for showing/hiding text, list or table
data-configembedding JSON in the html, the entire configuration of a particular element
typewe have three type after which it will be hidden [text, list or table]
limittext after how many characters to hide the text and insert show more/less
list or table after how many elements/rows hide the rest and insert show more/less
after this parameter checks how much text is after the trimmed text the limit parameter, if the text is less than the after parameter does not add a more/less button`^.
element on the parameter we will create an html element and put in the text show more/less
more/less is the text and chars that appears after the text, list or table e.g. > show more and < show less
number number of hidden items to show more/less e.g. -> show more 3, only works for list and table
ellipsis By default, adding an ellipsis to shortened text can be turned off by setting ‘ellipsis’: false
regex adding your own regular expressions. It is an object with two parameters match and replace, see example below
btnClass Button class name. Default: show-more-btn
btnClassAppend Opportunity to add additional classes to the button
onMoreLess callback function

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See Demo And Download

Official Website(tomik23): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by tomik23. For extra Advanced Usages, please go to the official website.

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