August 17, 2022

[icheck] Pure CSS Checkboxes and Radio Buttons for Twitter Bootstrap

icheck-bootstrap is a pure CSS solution for displaying Twitter bootstrap style checkboxes and radio buttons.

Color schemes

Twitter Bootstrap: As you can see in previous examples, icheck-primary class used for styling. You can use following classes for Twitter Bootstrap color scheme:


Flat UI Colors: Also you can use one of the really nice colors from


How to make use of it:

Add the icheck.css file to your Bootstrap project.

<link href="icheck-bootstrap.css" rel="stylesheet">

pply a color scheme of your choice to the checkbox and radio inputs.

<div class="checkbox icheck-primary">
  <input type="checkbox" checked id="primary" />
  <label for="primary">primary</label>
<div class="radio icheck-primary">
  <input type="radio" id="primary1" name="primary" />
  <label for="primary1">primary 1</label>

pure css checkbox & radio button replacement, icheck-bootstrap Plugin/Github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(bantikyan): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by bantikyan. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.


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