Responsive Image Gallery Lightbox jQuery Plugin | VenoBox

VenoBox is a responsive jQuery modal window plugin suitable for images, embedded content, iFrames, Google Maps, Vimeo, and YouTube videos.

The big difference compared to many other plugins like this is that VenoBox calculates the maximum width of the displayed image and keeps its height if it is longer than the window (so on smaller devices you can scroll down the content, avoiding images with vertical microscopic size).


  • Images and image lightbox gallery supported (chance of navigation with keyboard arrows).
  • Ajax & inline content material are supported.
  • Youtube & Vimeo movies are supported.
  • Iframes and google maps are supported.
  • Provides a scroll bar if the peak of overlayed parts is tall than the window.
  • Share and Download buttons: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

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Responsive Image Gallery Lightbox jQuery Plugin Details

Post NameVenobox jQuery Lightbox Plugin
Author Namenicolafranchini
CategoryGallery Plugins, Image, Lightbox
Official PageClick Here
Publish DateAugust 13, 2020
Last UpdateSeptember 28, 2023
DownloadLink Below

How to make use of it:

Include required venobox.css and venobox.js on your web page.

<script src="/path/to/cdn/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/path/to/venobox/venobox.js"></script>

Initialize the plugin.


Customization options.


  // color of navigation arroes
  arrowsColor : '#B6B6B6',

  // same as data-autoplay
  autoplay : false, 

  // background color
  bgcolor: '#fff',

  // border
  border: '0',

  // background color of close button
  closeBackground : '#161617',

  // colr of close button
  closeColor : "#d2d2d2",

  // frame width/height
  framewidth: '',
  frameheight: '',

  // show items as a gallery
  gallItems: false,

  // infinite loop
  infinigall: false,

  // custom controls
  htmlClose : '×',
  htmlNext : 'Next',
  htmlPrev : 'Prev',

  // shows counter
  numeratio: false,

  // background color of counter
  numerationBackground : '#161617',

  // counter color
  numerationColor : '#d2d2d2',

  // 'top' || 'bottom'
  numerationPosition : 'top', 

  // close the lightbox by clicking the background overlay
  overlayClose: true,

  // color of the background overlay
  overlayColor : 'rgba(23,23,23,0.85)',

  // available: 'rotating-plane' | 'double-bounce' | 'wave' | 'wandering-cubes' | 'spinner-pulse' | 'chasing-dots' | 'three-bounce' | 'circle' | 'cube-
' | 'fading-circle' | 'folding-cube'
  spinner : 'double-bounce', 

  // spinner color
  spinColor : '#d2d2d2',

  // same as data-title
  titleattr: 'title',

  // title background color
  titleBackground: '#161617',

  // title color
  titleColor: '#d2d2d2',

  // 'top' || 'bottom'
  titlePosition : 'top'


Callback capabilities.


  cb_pre_open: function(){ return true; }, 
  cb_post_open: function(){},
  cb_pre_close: function(){ return true; },
  cb_post_close: function(){},
  cb_post_resize: function(){},
  cb_after_nav: function(){},
  cb_content_loaded: function(){},
  cb_init: function(){}



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selectorItems selector'.venobox'
autoplayAutomatic play for videosfalse
bgcolorThe background color of the item (also affects border color, it has a border)'#ffffff'
borderBorder thickness of the modal window'0px'
customClassSet an additional custom class to the main .vbox-overlay wrapper can be overridden by single items with data-customclass=""
Accepts single class name without .dot
infinigallInfinite gallery jumps from last to the first item and vice versafalse
maxWidthCustom max window width can be overridden by single items with data-maxwidth=""
Accepts any standard css length unit
navigationShow navigation arrowstrue
navKeyboardEnable navigation with keyboard keystrue
navTouchEnable swipe touch/dragtrue
navSpeedGallery transition speed (milliseconds)300
numerationShow the navigation number and total items in the current galleryfalse
overlayCloseSet false to disable the overlay click close and keep enabled only the [×] close buttontrue
overlayColorBackdrop color'rgba(255,255,255,0.85)'
popupShow automatic popup on page load. (e.g. “#my-link”)false
ratioAspect ratio applied to iframes and videos
Available: '1x1' | '4x3' | '16x9' | '21x9' | 'full'
shareSharing buttons for images and videosfalse
shareStyleSharing buttons style
available: 'block' | 'pill' | 'transparent' | 'bar'
spinColorPreloader color'#d2d2d2'
spinnerPreloader type
Available: 'plane' | 'chase' | 'bounce' | 'wave' | 'pulse' | 'flow' | 'swing' | 'circle' | 'circle-fade' | 'grid' | 'fold | 'wander'
titleattrSpecific attribute to display a title (e.g. ‘data-title’)'title'
titlePositionTitle position, available: 'top' or 'bottom''top'
titleStyleTitle style.
Available: 'block' | 'pill' | 'transparent' | 'bar'
toolsBackgroundUI color (Title, Share buttons, and gallery navigation)'#1C1C1C'
toolsColorUI color (Title, Share buttons and gallery navigation)'#d2d2d2'

See Demo And Download


Official Website(nicolafranchini): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by nicolafranchini. For extra Advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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