Modern Lightweight Vue 3 Carousel Component Plugin

Vue 3 Carousel is a lightweight circular component, talk and respond to VUE.JS 3 applications.

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An Accessible Touch-enabled Slider Web Component | fg-carousel

How to make use of it:

Install and download:

# Yarn
$ yarn add vue3-carousel

$ npm i vue3-carousel

1. Import and register component.

import 'vue3-carousel/dist/carousel.css';
import { Carousel, Slide, Pagination, Navigation } from 'vue3-carousel';
export default {
  components: {

2. Add a Carousel component to the application.

    <slide v-for="slide in 10" :key="slide">{{ slide }}</slide>
    <template #addons>
      <navigation />

3. Possible props to customize circular.

// count of items to showed per view
itemsToShow: {
  default: 1,
  type: Number,
// count of items to be scrolled
itemsToScroll: {
  default: 1,
  type: Number,
// control infinite scrolling mode
wrapAround: {
  default: false,
  type: Boolean,
// control snap position alignment
snapAlign: {
  default: 'center',
  validator(value: string) {
    // The value must match one of these strings
    return ['start', 'end', 'center'].includes(value);
// sliding transition time in ms
transition: {
  default: 300,
  type: Number,
// an object to pass all settings
settings: {
  default() {
    return {};
  type: Object,
// an object to store breakpoints
breakpoints: {
  default: null,
  type: Object,
// time to auto advance slides in ms
autoplay: {
  default: 0,
  type: Number,
// slide number number of initial slide
modelValue: {
  default: undefined,
  type: Number,
// toggle mouse dragging.
mouseDrag: {
  default: true,
  type: Boolean,
// toggle mouse dragging.
touchDrag: {
  default: true,
  type: Boolean,

Available Props

itemsToShow1count of items to showed per view (can be a fraction).
itemsToScroll1number of slides to be scrolled
currentSlide0index number of the initial slide. Deprecated 0.1.20
wrapAroundfalseenable infinite scrolling mode.
snapAlign‘center’controls the carousel position alignment, can be ‘start’, ‘end’, ‘center[-odd|-even]’
transition300sliding transition time in ms.
autoplay0Auto play time in ms.
settings{ }an object to pass all settings.
breakpointsnullan object to pass all the breakpoints settings.
modelValue0index number of the initial slide. 0.1.20
mouseDragtruetoggle mouse dragging 0.1.23
touchDragtruetoggle pointer touch dragging 0.1.23
pauseAutoplayOnHovertruetoggle if auto play should pause on mouse hover 0.1.25

Slots Attributes

slideWidththe width of a single slide element.
currentSlideindex number of the current slide.
slidesCountthe count of all slides

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See Demo And Download

Official Website(ismail9k): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by ismail9k. For extra Advanced Usages, please go to the official website.

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