[Avatar] A Simple Dead Gravitar Component for VueJS

vue-gravatar is a very simple dead Gravitar component for VueJS applications.

How to make use of it:

Install and download:

# Yarn
yarn add vue-gravatar

$ npm install vue-gravatar

Component register.

import Vue from 'vue';
import Gravatar from 'vue-gravatar';

Vue.component('v-gravatar', Gravatar);

You can now use the component in your coding.

<v-gravatar email="[email protected]" />

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The following props are available:

  • hash (type: String) md5 hash of the gravatar
  • email (type: String) email address of the gravatar (used when md5 hash not given)
  • size (type: Number, default: 80) size of the avatar
  • default-img (type: String, default: ‘retro’) default image type
  • rating (type: String, default: ‘g’) rating of the image
  • alt (type: String, default: ‘Avatar’) The alternative text of the image
  • protocol (type: String, default: ”) The protocol to use (use ‘https’ in electron apps)
  • hostname (type: String, default: ‘www.gravatar.com‘) Alternative hostname for gravatar images

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See Demo And Download

Official Website(JiriChara): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by JiriChara. For extra Advanced Usage, please go to the official website.