A Vue Directive To Keep DOM Aspect Ratio Of Element Library


Keep ratio is a Vue component that maintains the aspect ratio of your element using the CSS aspect ratio attribute.

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How to make use of it:

Install and download:


1. Import and record the retention component.

import VueKeepRatio from "vue-keep-ratio";

// register globally

// register locally
export default {
  components: {
  // ...

2. Add the VueKeepRatio component to the template and select the aspect ratio.

  <VueKeepRatio :ratio="4 / 3">

3. More component props.

  <VueKeepRatio :ratio="4 / 3">



  • ratio: {Number} [ratio=1/1] The ratio you wanna keep, default: 1 / 1.
  • width: {String} Keep width value when dom resized, default.
  • height: {String} Keep width value when dom resized.
  • innerClassName: {String} [innerClassName=”] As the name, it specify inner div wrapper additional class name

Maintain The Aspect Ratio Of Element, vue keep ratio Plugin/Github

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