A Vue.js Plugin for Lazyloading Your Image or Component

Vue-Lazyload is a lightweight and easy-to-use Vue 1.x/2.x module for lazy loading images in your apps.

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Some of this project’s noteworthy goals include:

  • Work on any type of photo
  • Add loading category while loading image
  • Supports both Vue 1.0 and Vue 2.0

How to make use of it:

Install and download:

$ npm install vue-lazyload --save

Using v-lazy-container work with raw HTML.

<div v-lazy-container="{ selector: 'img' }">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img1.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img2.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img3.jpg">  

Custom error and placeholder image for upload.

<div v-lazy-container="{ selector: 'img', error: 'xxx.jpg', loading: 'xxx.jpg' }">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img1.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img2.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img3.jpg">  
<div v-lazy-container="{ selector: 'img' }">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img1.jpg" data-error="xxx.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img2.jpg" data-loading="xxx.jpg">
  <img data-src="//domain.com/img3.jpg">  

src dynamically modifying the image.

Vue.use(vueLazy, {
    filter: {
      progressive (listener, options) {
          const isCDN = /qiniudn.com/
          if (isCDN.test(listener.src)) {
              listener.el.setAttribute('lazy-progressive', 'true')
              listener.loading = listener.src + '?imageView2/1/w/10/h/10'
      webp (listener, options) {
          if (!options.supportWebp) return
          const isCDN = /qiniudn.com/
          if (isCDN.test(listener.src)) {
              listener.src += '?imageView2/2/format/webp'

Constructor Options

preLoadproportion of pre-loading height1.3Number
errorsrc of the image upon load fail'data-src'String
loadingsrc of the image while loading'data-src'String
attemptattempts count3Number
listenEventsevents that you want vue listen for['scroll', 'wheel', 'mousewheel', 'resize', 'animationend', 'transitionend', 'touchmove']Desired Listen Events
adapterdynamically modify the attribute of element{ }Element Adapter
filterthe image’s listener filter{ }Image listener filter
lazyComponentlazyload componentfalseLazy Component
dispatchEventtrigger the dom eventfalseBoolean
throttleWaitthrottle wait200Number
observeruse IntersectionObserverfalseBoolean
observerOptionsIntersectionObserver options{ rootMargin: ‘0px’, threshold: 0.1 }IntersectionObserver
silentdo not print debug infotrueBoolean

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See Demo And Download

Official Website(hilongjw): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by hilongjw. For extra Advanced Usages, please go to the official website.

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