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Flexible and Minimalistic Radial Color Picker For Vue.js

Radial Color Picker Vue is easy and simple to use. Selecting a color should be as easy as moving a slider, clicking a check box, or pressing a key just as other basic form elements behave.

This is a flexible and minimalistic color picker. It was developed keeping in mind the use of mobile devices and keyboards.

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  • Small size – 3.3 KB compressed (JS and CSS combined)
  • Supports touch devices
  • Optimized animation
  • Ease of use
    • Screen reader support.
    • Press the Tab key to focus the picker.
    • ↑ or → arrow key to increase hue. PgUp to go faster.
    • ↓ or → arrow key to decrease hue. PgDown to go faster.
    • Enter to select a color and close or open the picker.
    • Mouse over to increase color and scroll down to decrease color hue (Opt-in).
  • Experimental TypeScript support

How to make use of it:

Install and download:

$ npm install @radial-color-picker/vue-color-picker --save

1. Import and register a color picker item.

import { reactive } from 'vue';
import ColorPicker from '@radial-color-picker/vue-color-picker';
@import '@radial-color-picker/vue-color-picker/dist/vue-color-picker.min.css';
export default {
  components: { ColorPicker },

2. Add a color picker component to your app.

  <color-picker v-bind="color" @input="onInput"></color-picker>
export default {
  components: { ColorPicker },
  setup() {
    const color = reactive({
      hue: 50,
      saturation: 100,
      luminosity: 50,
      alpha: 1,
    return {
      onInput(hue) {
        color.hue = hue;

3. All possible props.

hue: {
  default: 0,
saturation: {
  default: 100,
luminosity: {
  default: 50,
alpha: {
  default: 1,
step: {
  default: 1,
mouseScroll: {
  default: false,
variant: {
  default: 'collapsible', // collapsible | persistent
disabled: {
  default: false,
initiallyCollapsed: {
  default: false,
ariaLabel: {
  default: 'color picker',
ariaRoledescription: {
  default: 'radial slider',
ariaValuetext: {
  default: '',
ariaLabelColorWell: {
  default: 'color well',

Radial Color Picker For Vue.js Plugin/Github, vue bs color picker

See Demo And Download

Official Website(radial-color-picker): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by radial-color-picker. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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