Creative SVG Progress Bar With Percentage In Vue.js

Progress Bar is a Vue.js component for creating various progress bars using SVG.

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How to make use of it:

Install and download:

$ npm install vuejs-progress-bar --save

1. Import the vuejs progress bar.

import ProgressBar from 'vuejs-progress-bar'

2. Register the component.


3. Insert the progress bar component into your template.

  :value="25" />

4. Possible options to customize the progress bar.

text: {
  color: '#FFFFFF',
  shadowEnable: true,
  shadowColor: '#000000',
  fontSize: 14,
  fontFamily: 'Helvetica',
  dynamicPosition: false,
  hideText: false
progress: {
  color: '#2dbd2d',
  backgroundColor: '#333333'
layout: {
  height: 36,
  width: 140,
  verticalTextAlign: 61,
  horizontalTextAlign: 43,
  zeroOffset: 0,
  strokeWidth: 30,
  progressPadding: 10,
  type: 'line'


valueNumber0Value of progressbar %
colorString#FFFFFFText Color
shadowEnableStringtrueText shadow enable
shadowColorString#000000Text shadow color
hideTextBooleanfalseHide text (%)
fontSizeString14pxThe font size of % text
fontFamilyStringHelveticaFont family text
dynamicPositionBooleanfalseProgress text % follow progress bar
colorString#2dbd2dProgress color, use hex or RGB
backgroundColorString#C0C0C0For background color, use hex or RGB
invertedBooleanfalseInvert circle progress
heightNumber35Height, use stroke for progress height
verticalTextAlignNumber61Positioning of % text vertical
horizontalTextAlignNumber43Positioning of % text horizontal
zeroOffsetNumber0Offset for zero (0%) for the line progress bar
strokeWidthNumber30Width of the background of progress
progressPaddingNumber0Padding between background and progress bar (line only)
typeStringlinetype of progress bar: linecirclecylinder, or battery

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