A Vue3 Block Organization Tree View Component Library

Block tree is a simple organizational hierarchical horizontal or vertical tree view based on Vue3.x. It supports events, slots, horizontal visibility, and node processing.

Thanks to hukaibaihu and his vue 2 sources are taken as a basis.

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How to make use of it:

Install and download:

# Yarn
$ yarn add vue3-blocks-tree

$ npm i vue3-blocks-tree

1. Import the block tree.

import {createApp} from 'vue';
import VueBlocksTree from 'vue3-blocks-tree';
import 'vue3-blocks-tree/dist/vue3-blocks-tree.css';
let defaultoptions = {
createApp(App).use(VueBlocksTree, defaultoptions)

2. Create a basic organization tree.

<blocks-tree :data="treeData"></blocks-tree>
import { defineComponent,ref,reactive } from 'vue';
export default defineComponent({
  setup() {
    let selected = ref([]);
    let treeOrientation = ref("0");
    let treeData = reactive({
        label: 'root',
        expand: true,
        some_id: 1,
        children: [
          { label: 'child 1', some_id: 2, },
          { label: 'child 2', some_id: 3, },
            label: 'subparent 1', 
            some_id: 4, 
            expand: false, 
            children: [
              { label: 'subchild 1', some_id: 5 },
                label: 'subchild 2', 
                some_id: 6, 
                expand: false, 
                children: [
                  { label: 'subchild 11', some_id: 7 },
                  { label: 'subchild 22', some_id: 8 },
    return {

3. Component props available.

data: {
  type: Object,
  required: true
props: {
  type: Object,
  default: () => (<PropsType>{
    label: 'label',
    expand: 'expand',
    children: 'children'
horizontal: Boolean,
collapsable: Boolean,
renderContent: Function,
labelWidth: [String, Number],
labelClassName: [Function, String],


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node contextContext to node manipulation in the slot or in event callbackinterface NodeContext { isExpanded():boolean; toggleExpand():void; }


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propsconfigure propsObject{label: 'label', children: 'children', expand: 'expand',key: 'id'}
labelWidthnode label widthString | Numberauto
collapsablechildren node is collapsableBooleantrue
renderContenthow to render node labelFunction
labelClassNamenode label classFunction | String


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event namedescriptiontype
node-clickClick eventFunction
node-mouseoveronMouseOver eventFunction
node-mouseoutonMouseOut eventFunction
node-expandclick expand button eventFunction


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slot namedescriptionparams
nodecurrent node scoped slotdata – node data, context – node context


well be called when the collapse-btn clicked

  • params e Event
  • params data Current node data
  • params context Node context


well be called when the node-label clicked

  • params e Event
  • params data Current node data
  • params context Node context


It is called when the mouse hovers over the label.

  • params e Event
  • params data Current node data
  • params context Node context


It is called when the mouse leaves the label.

  • params e Event
  • params data Current node data
  • params context Node context

See Demo And Download


Official Website(megafetis): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by megafetis. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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