Vuejs Lightweight Prompt Based On Promise And Confirm Dialog

VUEJS DIALOG PLUGIN is a lightweight, promise-based, prompt, and dialog-based alert.

Important updates

  • The dialog will always be resolved by an object. (ie a callback to continue will always receive an object).
  • To use directives, the object returned in (1) above will contain a node.
  • Styles must be explicitly included as they have been extracted into a separate file.
  • If the loader is enabled globally, and a dialog is triggered via a callback less┬ároute, the loader will ignore clicks on proceeding
  • Inject a custom class on the parent node.
  • Ability to record custom shows. This allows for custom logic, custom buttons, etc.
    Installable via an HTML script tag.
  • The library is divided into two parts. The main library is a useful plugin and mixes in custom components.
  • For this purpose, the new plug-in installation method is slightly different: window.Vue.use (VuejsDialog.main.default).
  • Mixing can be added to components such as mixins: [VuejsDialog.mixin.default, ... otherMixins].

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How to make use of it:

Install & Download:

$ npm install vuejs-dialog --save

1. Basic Usage inside a vuejs application

// Anywhere in your Vuejs App.

// Trigger an Alert dialog
this.$dialog.alert('Request completed!').then(function(dialog) {

// Trigger a confirmation dialog
  .confirm('Please confirm to continue')
  .then(function(dialog) {
    console.log('Clicked on proceed');
  .catch(function() {
    console.log('Clicked on cancel');

2. Basic Usage outside a vuejs application

// VuejsDialog Methods are also available on the global vue
// This makes it possible to use the plugin inside a ReactJs application
// or just any javascript application
// Simply include vue, vuejs-dialog, ask vue to use the plugin and that's all:

Vue.dialog.alert('Request completed!').then(function(dialog) {

  .confirm('Please confirm to continue')
  .then(function(dialog) {
    console.log('Clicked on proceed');
  .catch(function() {
    console.log('Clicked on cancel');

3. Return value on success

// Whenever a user clicks on proceed,
// the promise returned by the dialog call will be
// resolved with a dialog object with the following shape:

    close: function | sometimes | A method that can be used to close the dialog if it's in a loading state
    loading: function | sometimes | A method that can be used to stop the dialog loader
    node: DOMElement | sometimes | A DOM element which the directive was bound to, when triggered via a directive
    data: any | always | Data sent with the positive action. Useful in prompts or custom components where you have multiple proceed buttons

// Example:

<button class="btn-danger"
            loader: true,
            ok: okCallback,
            cancel: cancelcallback,
            message: 'Some confirmation message'}"

okCallback: function (dialog) {
        dialog.loading(false) // stop the loader (you won't be needing this)
        dialog.close() // stops loader and close the dialog
        dialog.node.className // === "btn-danger" // === null

4. Prompt (collect data from the user)

    title: "Let's hear from you",
    body: "What is the most important thing in life?",
  }, {
    promptHelp: 'Type in the box below and click "[+:okText]"'
  .then(dialog => {
    // Triggered when proceed button is clicked
    // Show an alert with the user's input as the message
    this.$dialog.alert( || '[empty]')
  .catch(() => {
    // Triggered when dialog is dismissed by user

    console.log('Prompt dismissed');

5. Usage with ajax – Loader enabled

  .confirm("If you delete this record, it'll be gone forever.", {
    loader: true // default: false - when set to true, the proceed button shows a loader when clicked.
    // And a dialog object will be passed to the then() callback
  .then(dialog => {
    // Triggered when proceed button is clicked

    // dialog.loading(false) // stops the proceed button's loader
    // dialog.loading(true) // starts the proceed button's loader again
    // dialog.close() // stops the loader and close the dialog

    // do some stuff like ajax request.
    setTimeout(() => {
      console.log('Delete action completed ');
    }, 2500);
  .catch(() => {
    // Triggered when cancel button is clicked

    console.log('Delete aborted');

See Demo And Download


Official Website(Godofbrowser): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by Godofbrowser. For extra Advanced Usage, please go to the official website.

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