Vuex State Synchronization Between iFrame/Window Component

vuex-iframe-sync is the synchronization of the Vuex state between iframes/windows.


  • Support iframes/sync window
  • Sync configuration when the iframe is loaded
  • Configure sync behavior for your own needs

Note: window.postMessage has a limitation on the message, and it works like JSON.parse() and JSON.stringfy(). If you have a problem with that, configure a transform function in the broadcast and transfer API.

How to make use of it:


npm install vuex-iframe-sync --save

yarn add vuex-iframe-sync


// in parent's component with iframe
<iframe id="frameId1"/>
<iframe id="frameId2"/>

// in parent's store.js
import {broadcast} from 'vuex-iframe-sync'

export default new{
  // ...
  plugins: [

// in iframe's store.js
import {transfer} from 'vuex-iframe-sync'

export default new{
  // same state and mutations with parent
  plugins: [


broadcast(ids: String, [options])

Send state changes payload to iframes through postMessage API while parent state changes.

ids <String|Array>: frameIds split by ‘,’ or [{id: iframeId, origin: iframeOrigin}…]

options : The following options can be provided to configure the parent behavior for your specific needs:

  • convert <Function(payload)>: convert payload before passing to iframes.


Receive state changes from a parent. Send state changes to parent while self-state changes.

options : The following options can be provided to configure the iframe behavior for your specific needs:

  • convert <Function(payload)>: convert payload before passing to parent.
  • created <Function(id, store, send)>: call after the iframe is created. id: iframeId、store:、send<Function(type, payload)>:parent.$store.commit: call after iframe destroyed. id: iframeId、store:、send<Function(type, payload)>:parent.$store.commit

vuex state synchronization between iframes, vuex-iframe-sync plugin/github

See Demo And Download

Official Website(L-Chris): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by L-Chris. For extra advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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