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An Amazing Lightweight WYSIWYG JavaScript Editor | Trumbowyg.js

Trumbowyg is a simple and lightweight WYSIWYG editor, weighing only 20 KB minified (8 KB gzip) for faster page loading. The jQuery-based HTML5 WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor for modern web/mobile apps. Trumbowyg is an open-source project licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is completely free to use.

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How to make use of it:


$ npm install trumbowyg

# Bower
$ bower install trumbowyg

1. Insert the jQuery Trumbowyg plugin files into your web undertaking as this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="trumbowyg.min.css">
<script src="jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="trumbowyg.min.js"></script>

2. Load language JavaScript files of your alternative within the webpage.

<script src="plugins/plugin-name.js"></script>
<script src="langs/language-name.js"></script>

3. Load a plugin of your alternative within the webpage.

<script src="plugins/plugin-name/plugin-name.js"></script>
  plugins: {
    plugin-name: {
      // plugin options here

4. Call the plugin on a placeholder component to generate a default WYSIWYG Editor.


5. All default choices to customize your WYSIWYG Editor.

  lang: 'en',

  fixedBtnPane: false,
  fixedFullWidth: false,
  autogrow: false,
  autogrowOnEnter: false,
  imageWidthModalEdit: false,

  prefix: 'trumbowyg-',
  tagClasses: {},

  semantic: true,
  semanticKeepAttributes: false,
  resetCss: false,
  removeformatPasted: false,
  tabToIndent: false,
  tagsToRemove: [],
  tagsToKeep: ['hr', 'img', 'embed', 'iframe', 'input'],
  btns: [
    ['undo', 'redo'], // Only supported in Blink browsers
    ['strong', 'em', 'del'],
    ['superscript', 'subscript'],
    ['justifyLeft', 'justifyCenter', 'justifyRight', 'justifyFull'],
    ['unorderedList', 'orderedList'],
  // For custom button definitions
  btnsDef: {},
  changeActiveDropdownIcon: false,

  inlineElementsSelector: 'a,abbr,acronym,b,caption,cite,code,col,dfn,dir,dt,dd,em,font,hr,i,kbd,li,q,span,strikeout,strong,sub,sup,u',

  pasteHandlers: [],

  plugins: {},
  urlProtocol: false,
  minimalLinks: false,
  defaultLinkTarget: undefined

6. All default choices to customize the optionally available plugins.

// trumbowyg.allowtagsfrompaste.js
// When empty, all tags are allowed making this plugin useless
// If you want to remove all tags, use removeformatPasted core option instead
allowedTags: [],
// List of tags which can be allowed
removableTags: [

// trumbowyg.colors.js
colorList: [
  'ffffff', '000000', 'eeece1', '1f497d', '4f81bd', 'c0504d', '9bbb59', '8064a2', '4bacc6', 'f79646', 'ffff00',
  'f2f2f2', '7f7f7f', 'ddd9c3', 'c6d9f0', 'dbe5f1', 'f2dcdb', 'ebf1dd', 'e5e0ec', 'dbeef3', 'fdeada', 'fff2ca',
  'd8d8d8', '595959', 'c4bd97', '8db3e2', 'b8cce4', 'e5b9b7', 'd7e3bc', 'ccc1d9', 'b7dde8', 'fbd5b5', 'ffe694',
  'bfbfbf', '3f3f3f', '938953', '548dd4', '95b3d7', 'd99694', 'c3d69b', 'b2a2c7', 'b7dde8', 'fac08f', 'f2c314',
  'a5a5a5', '262626', '494429', '17365d', '366092', '953734', '76923c', '5f497a', '92cddc', 'e36c09', 'c09100',
  '7f7f7f', '0c0c0c', '1d1b10', '0f243e', '244061', '632423', '4f6128', '3f3151', '31859b', '974806', '7f6000'
foreColorList: null, // fallbacks on colorList
backColorList: null, // fallbacks on colorList
allowCustomForeColor: true,
allowCustomBackColor: true,
displayAsList: false,

// trumbowyg.fontfamily.js
fontList: [
  {name: 'Arial', family: 'Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif'},
  {name: 'Arial Black', family: 'Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif'},
  {name: 'Comic Sans', family: 'Comic Sans MS, Textile, cursive, sans-serif'},
  {name: 'Courier New', family: 'Courier New, Courier, monospace'},
  {name: 'Georgia', family: 'Georgia, serif'},
  {name: 'Impact', family: 'Impact, Charcoal, sans-serif'},
  {name: 'Lucida Console', family: 'Lucida Console, Monaco, monospace'},
  {name: 'Lucida Sans', family: 'Lucida Sans Uncide, Lucida Grande, sans-serif'},
  {name: 'Palatino', family: 'Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, Palatino, serif'},
  {name: 'Tahoma', family: 'Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif'},
  {name: 'Times New Roman', family: 'Times New Roman, Times, serif'},
  {name: 'Trebuchet', family: 'Trebuchet MS, Helvetica, sans-serif'},
  {name: 'Verdana', family: 'Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif'}

// trumbowyg.fontsize.js
sizeList: [
allowCustomSize: true

// trumbowyg.giphy.js
  rating: 'g',
  apiKey: null,
  throttleDelay: 300,
  noResultGifUrl: ''

// trumbowyg.insertaudio.js
src: {
  label: 'URL',
  required: true
autoplay: {
  label: 'AutoPlay',
  required: false,
  type: 'checkbox'
muted: {
  label: 'Muted',
  required: false,
  type: 'checkbox'
preload: {
  label: 'preload options',
  required: false

// trumbowyg.lineheight.js
sizeList: [

// trumbowyg.mention.js
source: [],
formatDropdownItem: formatDropdownItem,
formatResult: formatResult

// trumbowyg.noembed.js
proxy: '',
urlFiled: 'url',
data: [],
success: undefined,
error: undefined

// trumbowyg.pasteembed.js
enabled: true,
endpoints: [

// trumbowyg.resizimg.js
minSize: 32,
step: 4,

// trumbowyg.specialchars.js
symbolList: [
  // currencies
  '0024', '20AC', '00A3', '00A2', '00A5', '00A4', '2030', null,
  // legal signs
  '00A9', '00AE', '2122', null,
  // textual sign
  '00A7', '00B6', '00C6', '00E6', '0152', '0153', null,
  '2022', '25CF', '2023', '25B6', '2B29', '25C6', null,
  '00B1', '00D7', '00F7', '21D2', '21D4', '220F', '2211', '2243', '2264', '2265'

// trumbowyg.table.js
rows: 8,
columns: 8,
styler: 'table'

// trumbowyg.upload.js
serverPath: '',
fileFieldName: 'fileToUpload',
data: [],                       // Additional data for ajax [{name: 'key', value: 'value'}]
headers: {},                    // Additional headers
xhrFields: {},                  // Additional fields
urlPropertyName: 'file',        // How to get url from the json response (for instance 'url' for {url: ....})
statusPropertyName: 'success',  // How to get status from the json response 
success: undefined,             // Success callback: function (data, trumbowyg, $modal, values) {}
error: undefined,               // Error callback: function () {}
imageWidthModalEdit: false      // Add ability to edit image width

7. API strategies.

// Create a Modal window
var $modal = $('#demo').trumbowyg('openModal', {
    title: 'Modal Title',
    content: 'HTML Content Here'
// Close the current modal box

// Save current range

// Restore last saved range
// Get selection range
var range = $('#demo').trumbowyg('getRange');
// Get last saved range text
var text = $('#demo').trumbowyg('getRangeText');

// Get HTML content

// Set HTML content
$('#demo').trumbowyg('html', "<p>Your content here</p>");

// Clear the editor

// Enable/disable the editor

// Destroy the editor

8. Events.

  // options here
// event handlers here
.on('tbwfocus', function(){ 
  // on focus
.on('tbwblur', function(){ 
  // on blur
.on('tbwinit', function(){ 
  // on init
.on('tbwchange', function(){ 
  // on change
.on('tbwresize', function(){ 
  // on resize
.on('tbwpaste', function(){ 
  // on paste
.on('tbwopenfullscreen', function(){ 
  // in the fullscreen mode
.on('tbwclosefullscreen', function(){ 
  // turn off the offscreen mode
.on('tbwclose', function(){ 
  // on close
.on('tbwmodalopen', function(){ 
  // on modal open
.on('tbwmodalclose', function(){ 
  // on modal close

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See Demo And Download

Official Website(Alex-D): Click Here

This superior jQuery/javascript plugin is developed by Alex-D. For extra Advanced usage, please go to the official website.

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