WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor With jQuery And FontAwesome | RichText

RichText jQuery implementation for WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor which uses Font Awesome Iconic Font for editor icons. It is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

Simply call .richText() on your jQuery('textarea') or jQuery('input') field (other HTML tags are allowed as well, but not recommended).


  • jQuery (v.3+, v.3.2+ recommended)
  • FontAwesome (v.4.7.0 / v.5+)
  • src/jquery.richtext.min.js
  • src/richtext.min.css

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How to make use of it:

1. Load the required Font Awesome 4.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css">

2. Load the richtext.min.css to model the editor.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="richtext.min.css">

3. Load the JQuery library and the richtext.min.js webpage.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="richtext.min.css">

4. Create a normal textarea aspect for the editor.

<textarea class="content" name="example"></textarea>

5. Calling the plugin will transform the textarea aspect right into a fundamental WYSIWYG-rich text editor.


6. Customize the editor by overriding the next parameter choices.

  // text formatting
  bold: true,
  italic: true,
  underline: true,

  // text alignment
  leftAlign: true,
  centerAlign: true,
  rightAlign: true,
  justify: true,

  // lists
  ol: true,
  ul: true,

  // title
  heading: true,

  // fonts
  fonts: true,
  fontList: ["Arial",
    "Arial Black",
    "Comic Sans MS",
    "Courier New",
    "Lucida Console",
    "Times New Roman",
  fontColor: true,
  fontSize: true,

  // uploads
  imageUpload: true,
  fileUpload: true,

  // media video Embed: true,

  // link
  urls: true,

  // tables
  table: true,

  // code
  removeStyles: true,
  code: true,

  // colors
  colors: [],

  // dropdowns
  fileHTML: '',
  imageHTML: '',

  // translations
  translations: {
    'title': 'Title',
    'white': 'White',
    'black': 'Black',
    'brown': 'Brown',
    'beige': 'Beige',
    'darkBlue': 'Dark Blue',
    'blue': 'Blue',
    'lightBlue': 'Light Blue',
    'darkRed': 'Dark Red',
    'red': 'Red',
    'darkGreen': 'Dark Green',
    'green': 'Green',
    'purple': 'Purple',
    'darkTurquois': 'Dark Turquois',
    'turquois': 'Turquois',
    'darkOrange': 'Dark Orange',
    'orange': 'Orange',
    'yellow': 'Yellow',
    'imageURL': 'Image URL',
    'fileURL': 'File URL',
    'linkText': 'Link text',
    'url': 'URL',
    'size': 'Size',
    'responsive': 'Responsive',
    'text': 'Text',
    'openIn': 'Open in',
    'sameTab': 'Same tab',
    'newTab': 'New tab',
    'align': 'Align',
    'left': 'Left',
    'justify': 'Justify',
    'center': 'Center',
    'right': 'Right',
    'rows': 'Rows',
    'columns': 'Columns',
    'add': 'Add',
    'pleaseEnterURL': 'Please enter an URL',
    'videoURLnotSupported': 'Video URL not supported',
    'pleaseSelectImage': 'Please select an image',
    'pleaseSelectFile': 'Please select a file',
    'bold': 'Bold',
    'italic': 'Italic',
    'underline': 'Underline',
    'alignLeft': 'Align left',
    'alignCenter': 'Align centered',
    'alignRight': 'Align right',
    'addOrderedList': 'Add ordered list',
    'addUnorderedList': 'Add unordered list',
    'addHeading': 'Add Heading/title',
    'addFont': 'Add font',
    'addFontColor': 'Add font color',
    'addFontSize': 'Add font size',
    'addImage': 'Add image',
    'addVideo': 'Add video',
    'addFile': 'Add file',
    'addURL': 'Add URL',
    'addTable': 'Add table',
    'removeStyles': 'Remove styles',
    'code': 'Show HTML code',
    'undo': 'Undo',
    'redo': 'Redo',
    'close': 'Close'

  // privacy
  youtubeCookies: false,

  // dev settings
  useSingleQuotes: false,
  height: 0,
  heightPercentage: 0,
  id: "",
  class: "",
  useParagraph: false,
  maxlength: 0,

  // callback function after init
  callback: undefined


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WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor With jQuery And FontAwesome | RichText

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